Imaging and Diagnostic Instruments

A Review of Ultra-Widefield OCT

A look at how some clinicians are using this relatively new technology.

Optimizing your OCT

Experts share their tips for interpreting your OCT results and avoiding artifacts.

Ocular Surface Tumor Diagnostics

Experts evaluate the best imaging modalities for assessing suspicious lesions.

Following Progression in Glaucoma Patients

Experts discuss how they take structure and function into account.

A Clearer Picture of Retinal Imaging

Experts review the pros and cons of the newest imaging devices available for the retina specialist.

Anterior Segment OCT: Still Evolving

Although this hasn’t yet become the standard-of-care, more surgeons are finding it very helpful—and the best may lie ahead.

Retinal Imaging On the Go

Although handheld fundus cameras require close contact, they may still be viable for some clinics and teleophthalmology.