Eyenuk recently received FDA clearance to market EyeArt, its autonomous AI (artificial intelligence) system for diabetic retinopathy. EyeArt can be used to detect more-than-mild DR and vision-threatening DR in the eyes of adults already diagnosed with diabetes who haven’t been previously diagnosed with more-than-mild DR. In the clinical trial EyeArt demonstrated 96-percent sensitivity and 88-percent specificity for detecting more-than-mild DR, and 92-percent sensitivity and 94-percent specificity for detecting vision-threatening DR. The company says that EyeArt is able to detect both more-than-mild DR and vision-threatening DR in a single test, in primary- and eye-care settings. The AI system is compatible with the Canon CR-2 AF and Canon CR-2 Plus AF fundus cameras, and the company plans to expand the number of compatible imaging devices. To learn more, visit eyenuk.com.


An Ergonomic Surgical Chair Inspired by Eye MDs
Every surgeon knows that having the right tool for the job is essential—but what about the right chair? Haag-Streit says its new Core Surgical Chair was designed in collaboration with ophthalmologists, taking into account physicians’ needs in the surgical suite. The company says the customizable curved backrest aligns the spine for added lumbar support and the chair’s multi-directional adjustment makes it easy to position. Haag-Streit also notes that the chair is armless and has a narrow seatback to allow for freedom of movement without the risk of contamination. For information, or to schedule an evaluation, visit coresurgicalchair.com


Eye Care On the Move
Olleyes has just released VisuALL, a portable, virtual-reality headset with AI technology for evaluating visual fields and visual acuity. The device enables eye-care providers to remotely monitor common diseases, says the company.

Olleyes notes that patients can be tested in any lighting conditions with the VisuALL’s ambient control features, even in a fully illuminated waiting room.
Olleyes notes that VisuALL can easily be disinfected for COVID-19 safety. 

Olleyes has partnered with ophthalmic device-maker Keeler USA (a Halma company) for the distribution of the VisuALL in the United States. For information, visit keelerusa.com or call 1-800-523-5620.


A Mosar Makeover for Easyret
Mosar is a new, dedicated imaging system for Quantel Medical’s Easyret yellow laser. This optional imaging system is FDA-approved and helps to enhance retinal laser treatment procedures and patient follow-up, according to the company. Mosar has three main user modes: a co-observation teaching mode for live viewing; an advanced mode that allows the user to import diagnosis images for laser treatment planning, print treatment reports with fundus images, and take pictures and record video for presentation and training purposes; and a library mode to manage collected images, videos and treatment reports for exporting via USB or local network. For information, visit quantel-medical.com.


New Toric Lens Option from B + L 
A new -2.75 D cylinder lens option is now available from Bausch + Lomb. The new lens is part of B+L’s Biotrue OneDay daily disposable contact lens family and will be available for same-day fitting in a standard fit test. B+L says this lens will offer astigmatic patients the most toric parameters available in any daily disposable lens.

The -2.75 D cylinder lens has a sphere power of plano to -6 D, in 0.5-D steps and will be available in axes of 10, 20, 90, 160, 170 and 180 degrees. B+L adds that its astigmatic lenses feature a peri-ballast design and a tapered edge to limit lid interaction, and spherical aberration control to help reduce dysphotopsias. For information, visit biotrueonedaylenses.com


Three Features for Aladdin-M
Topcon says its new Aladdin-M is a versatile instrument that includes corneal topography, pupillometry and optical biometry for myopia management, keratoconus screening and contact lens fitting. The instrument includes software for documenting axial length measurements over time, identifying risk factors and tracking Rx changes. Topcon says the Aladdin-M will also help eye-care professionals manage the growing myopia epidemic. For information, visit topconmedical.com.

IOLMaster 700 Software Update 1.90 with Central Topography

Zeiss’s latest software update for the IOLMaster 700 improves cataract workflow efficiency by providing more information about central corneal shape and making surgical planning data easier to access, according to the company. The update includes the Barrett True K with Total Keratometry formula and a mobile app that allows cataract surgeons to transfer surgical planning data to the operating room from their mobile devices via the cloud. For information about software update 1.90 with central topography, visit zeiss.com/iolmaster-topo.


Instrumental Changes
Beaver Visitech International’s Malosa line of single-use instruments now includes specialty instruments for use in corneal refractive surgery. BVI says that the instruments in the Malosa line are made of high-quality surgical steel and provide a safe alternative to reusable instruments, reducing the potential for cross-contamination and the need for sterilization and repairs. For information, visit bvimedical.com.

Ready-made Patient PPE 

In-clinic safety is a top priority for practices nationwide. To help ease patients’ return to the office and streamline a time-consuming task, BVI now offers a simplified way for clinics and surgery centers to secure FDA-approved PPE for patients. BVI says its Patient Packs are ready-to-use and include a face mask, bouffant cap, shoe covers and an optional isolation gown, along with easy-to-understand patient instructions. For more information, visit bvimedical.com.


Pain Relief for Genetic Disease Sufferers
Recordati Rare Diseases has just received FDA approval for Cystadrops (cysteamine ophthalmic solution 0.37%) for the treatment of ocular manifestations of cystinosis, a rare genetic condition present from birth that causes a body-wide buildup of cystine crystals, leading to tissue and organ damage. Those with ocular manifestations experience light sensitivity, eye discomfort and pain. Cystadrops is a viscous eye-drop solution that works by depleting the cystine crystal deposits in the corneas of cystinosis sufferers. Cystadrops is approved for four-times-daily dosing. For information, visit cystadrops.comREVIEW