Sep 2005


Moving Toward the Ideal Ophthalmic Sealant

No perfect solution has emerged yet, though several types of dhesive show promise. Here’s a review of suture alternatives.


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$7 Million Award in NY LASIK Suit

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Office Phone Unruly? Nine Tips to Tame It

Finding Ways to Make This Technology Efficient is Key to Your Practice

Technology Update

A New Take on Donor Cornea Evaluation

new method that may catch corneal features that a slit beam might miss.

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Retinal Insider

Health-Related Quality of Life in Retinal Disease

Biometric measures abound in ophthalmology. Researchers are trying to bring the same precision to to assessing the impact of retinal disease.

Glaucoma Management

Making the Case for Nonpenetrating Surgery

Although not yet widely used in the United States, this type of glaucoma surgery is winning over many surgeons.

Refractive Surgery

Recognizing the Signs Of Corneal Ectasia

Careful attention to refractive changes and irregularies in topography may provide valuable clues about a patient’s corneal health.

Coming at Presbyopia From a New Direction

An early peek at two intracorneal lens systems designed to restore near vision.

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