May 2012


Goals: Strengthen, Soothe & Save Corneas

A more nuanced understanding of crosslinking, better treatments for dry eye and new thinking about transplants mark this year’s ARVO output.

Refractive Surgeons Focus on Screening

ARVO research runs the gamut from preop testing to managing postop complications.

Retinal Research Begins to Bear Fruit

Several major studies will have results to discuss at this year’s ARVO meeting.

Seeking Improvement By Increments

Better lenses, better drugs, better outcomes. The search goes on for continuous improvement in cataract surgery.

Shedding New Light On Contact Lens Wear

Research continues to find novel ways to use contact lens technology, and to make existing lenses safer.

Surgery to Lifestyle, New Data Offers Hope

From subtle differences between treatment options to new innovations, this year’s studies have a lot to offer.


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Editor's Page

Technology Update

Three Stents in the Glaucoma Pipeline

The goal of increasing controlled aqueous outflow continues to drive new innovations in glaucoma surgery.

Retinal Insider

WFAF: A New Tool To Study Retinal Disease

Widefield autofluorescence may combine with other imaging technology to provide new insights into disease pathogenesis.

Glaucoma Management

Verbal Therapy: Create Hope, Not Fear

Glaucoma patients are worried about losing their sight. Part of our job is to reduce their anxiety—not increase it.

Therapeutic Topics

The Allergens of Perennial Disease

Though the change of seasons give some allergy sufferers a respite, some allergens show no mercy.

Refractive Surgery

Three Flavors of Femtosecond Laser

The upgradable Ziemer Z series lasers have different features to suit a variety of surgical needs.

Research Review

Wills Eye Resident Case Series

Wills Eye Resident Case Series

New-onset double vision and an “unbalanced” feeling lead to a referral to Wills Eye Institute Neuro-ophthalmology Service.