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Refractive Surgery
Contact Lenses

For its 2012 theme, the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology has settled on Translational Research: Seeing the Possibilities. Certainly an appropriate thrust for the premier ophthalmic research meeting in the world.

Our focus on ARVO, as always, is more skewed to the practicing clinician. The following pages represent hours of effort by our medical editors, contributors and editorial staff poring over thousands of ARVO abstracts and selecting a handful in each of six subspecialties. Having gone through the process, we might amend the ARVO theme for our abbreviated report to: Seeing the Results.

In almost all of these six areas of eye care, we are seeing drug therapies, surgical techniques and technologies that have passed through the early, proof-of-concept periods and are approaching the time when approval and availability in the clinic and OR are no longer a distant hope. Much of this year’s work is on therapies that should soon be widely available, to the benefit of your patients.

Of course, we have included some of the early-stage work in each of the reports, and as you’d expect, there is a robust pipeline and a lot of fertile imaginations at work around the world.

We hope these brief reports encourage you to review the abstracts more fully online at, and if you’re in Florida for the meeting, to visit the posters for updated, first-hand information from the authors. At the end of each abstract’s description in our reports, you’ll see a reference number, which indicates its ARVO program number.