May 2006

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Technology Update

Keep Your Cataract Surgeries on Target

This digital bull’s-eye may make it easy to create a customized capsulorhexis for a particular IOL.

Retinal Insider

Proper Usage of Off-label Drugs

Several treatments for retinal diseases have made the option of off-label drug use more common in ophthalmology.

Glaucoma Management

Using Imaging to Aid Early Detection

Used properly, these instruments can be a significant aid to diagnosing glaucoma.

Therapeutic Topics

A Blueprint for Your Own Dry-Eye Clinic

A coordinated approach involving patient education, diagnostic tests and effective treatments is the wave of the future.

Refractive Surgery

Refractive Research Moves Forward at ARVO

From laser flaps to low-dose mitomycin-C applications, this year’s ARVO meeting has refractive surgery covered.

The Laser Wars Are Heating Up

A look at some of the features of the newly approved DaVinci femtosecond laser.

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