March 2016


25 Ways to Maximize Your Cataract Outcomes

Surgeons share strategies that lead to the best possible results when performing cataract surgery.

Cataract Surgeons Wait On New Technology

After the predictable rush of early adopters, surgeons are taking their time with new tech.

New Alternatives in Post-Cataract Pharmacology

Some surgeons have given up drops completely, while others are injecting antibiotics and using topical anti-inflammatories.

Power Calculation: How to Up Your Game

Surgeons discuss ways to take advantage of new IOL formulas or optimize the ones you already use.

Technology Making Patient Care Personal

The ‘Internet of Things’ has the potential to increase access to ophthalmic care, while at the same time making it more personalized and cost-effective.


Review News

Technology Update

Two New Ways to Help Manage Presbyopia

One device allows patients to easily sample multifocal and monofocal options; another may slow the onset of presbyopia.

Retinal Insider

Spectral-Domain OCT in Managing Uveitis

Advances in imaging have led to improved quantitative and qualitative assessment of uveitis-related pathology.

Glaucoma Management

Assessing the Angle: Which Method Is Best?

Gonioscopy, optical coherence tomography and ultrasound biometry all have advantages and limitations.

Therapeutic Topics

Oxidative Stress Reduction for Dry Eye

Antioxidants’ effects on harmful reactive oxygen species may be helpful in the fight against dry eye.

Refractive Surgery

Solving the Mystery Of Rainbow Glare

A surgeon says you may be able to treat this infrequent but aggravating complication of LASIK.

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Research Review

Wills Eye Resident Case Series

March 2016 Wills Eye Resident Case Series

A middle-aged woman seeks a LASIK consult, but unilateral disc edema leads the examination on a new course.