March 2012


Cataract Surgeons Stay the Course

Cataract surgeons weigh in on the techniques they love and those they loathe.

New Ways to Ease Allergy Symptoms

New pharmacologic and immunotherapeutic agents may offer options for allergy sufferers.

Premium IOLs in the Pipeline

A look at the presbyopia- correcting and toric lenses you may be using in the future.

Using Posterior OCT in Cataract Surgery

The ability to uncover retinal problems before cataract surgery could improve both outcomes and patient satisfaction.


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Technology Update

Two 21st Century Ways to Practice Surgery

Both analog and digital approaches to simulated surgery continue to become more realistic and focused on learning.

Letters to the Editor

Retinal Insider

The Clinical Utility of Ultra-Wide-Field Imaging

A look at four widely available methods of imaging the peripheral retina that are making photography more clinically practical.

Plastic Pointers

How to Spot and Treat Dangerous Ptosis

The first of a two-part review of the potentially dangerous disease entities that may present with ptosis.

Glaucoma Management

Alternate Perimetry: A Questionable Trade-off

With limited time and resources, reducing the number of standard visual fields to perform SWAP or FDT could backfire.

Therapeutic Topics

‘Resolving’ the Effects Of Fish Oil on the Eye

A look at how fish oil provides benefits to ocular health, and the promise offered by new fish-oil-derived molecules, resolvins.

Refractive Surgery

Stay Ahead of the Curve with LASIK

Expert tips to help you avoid mistakes and enhance outcomes with your LASIK procedures.

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Research Review

Wills Eye Resident Case Series

Wills Eye Resident Case Series

Sudden changes in an infant’s iris and pupil lead the child’s parents to seek an evaluation at the Wills Pediatric Service.