Mar 2006


Stopping the Flopping: Managing IFIS

Surgeons explain how four different approaches can be used to keep Intraoperative Floppy Iris Syndrome from undermining surgery.


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Don't Make This Common Tax Mistake

Partners in medical practices may be paying too much in Medicare tax.

Technology Update

A Sneak Peek at a New SLO System

Researchers are taking small steps toward improving glaucoma detection.

Retinal Insider

Vitrectomy in Patients With Uveitis

The second of a two-part series looks at the role of therapeutic vitrectomy in patients with uveitis.

Glaucoma Management

Maximizing 24-Hour IOP Control

Ensuring that intraocular pressure is controlled at night could be a significant factor in successful treatment.

Therapeutic Topics

The Truth about Tachyphylaxis

The body can be its own worst enemy when it comes to the efficacy of medications.

Refractive Surgery

Breaking New Ground: Lasers in Keratoconus

Surgeons are taking a look at certain kinds of refractive surgery in patients others might not operate on.

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