June 2017


An Update on MIGS Devices

An in-depth look at the results and complications of the approved MIGS options.

Lowering IOP: Will First-Line Options Change?

Novel IOP-lowering drugs and delivery systems are coming. How will they fit into glaucoma treatment?

Treating with SLT First: The Pros and Cons

Topical drops are still the favored primary glaucoma treatment, but there’s plenty of reason to reconsider.


Review News

Technology Update

Smartphone Apps: Aiding Compliance

A multitude of programs designed to help patients remember to take the right medication at the right time are now available.

Medicare Q & A

Rules for External Ocular Photography

A look at the documentation and reimbursement of EOP.

Retinal Insider

Retinal Prostheses­— Now and in the Future

A discussion of the unique strategies used by the major retinal prostheses initiatives and their current results.

Glaucoma Management

High-tech Mythbusting: Glaucoma and the Macula

As new technology reveals more about the connection between structure and function, many old ideas are falling by the wayside.

Therapeutic Topics

Reaching Beyond the Low-Hanging Fruit

Just because the easiest routes to treating allergy have been explored doesn’t mean we can’t do better.

Refractive Surgery

Surgery 101: Managing Endothelial Risk

A stepwise approach to avoiding damage to the endothelium during cataract surgery.

Product News

Research Review

Wills Eye Resident Case Series

June 2017 Wills Eye Resident Case Series

A 60-year-old man presents with worsening floaters and a slow decrease in visual acuity.