January 2018


Surgeons Share Their Views on IOLs

Opinions on monofocals, multifocals, torics and handling lens complications.

Premium IOLs: How to Spot Poor Candidates

How to weed out candidates who will be dissatisfied with these IOLs, even after a perfect surgery.

Presbyopic IOLS: Choosing Wisely

How to watch and listen to your patients to enhance your success rate.

IOL Power Formulas: 10 Questions Answered

Understanding how formulas calculate the optimum lens power can help ensure good outcomes.


Review News

Retinal Insider

A Look at Emerging Treatments for Uveitis

Companies and researchers are hard at work on new drugs as well as innovative delivery systems.

Glaucoma Management

GSL and Cataract Surgery: Low Risk, High Reward

An often underutilized procedure, goniosynechialysis can be a significant contributor to pressure control in angle-closure patients.

Refractive Surgery

RxLAL: Say Goodbye to Postop Surprise?

A first look at the safety, efficacy and potential implementation of the newly approved light-adjustable lens.

Product News

Research Review

Wills Eye Resident Case Series

January 2018 Wills Eye Resident Case Series

Amelanotic fundus mass in a 73-year-old woman: metastasis or something else?