January 2017


Surgeons Tune in To the Symfony

New technology may encourage surgeons to give premium IOLs a second look.

Minimizing Your IOL Chair Time

Ways to educate patients about their myriad options—and still have time left over to operate.

Calculating for Success: IOLs in Difficult Eyes

Careful biometry and corneal health are as important as choice of formula.

In Search of the Perfect IOL Formula

Experts offer advice on which formulas to use and how best to use them.


Review News

Technology Update

Smaller, Brighter, Faster: The MacBook Pro 2016

A rich display and a speedy processor may be able to offer workstation capabilities in a portable package.

Retinal Insider

The Clinical Utility of OCT Angiography

Retina specialists experienced in OCTA discuss the strengths—and the limitations—of this promising new technology.

Glaucoma Management

Keeping Your Trabeculectomy On Track

With so many factors beyond our ability to control, it behooves us to be vigilant about controlling the things we can.

Therapeutic Topics

The Many Shades Of Pinkeye

A discussion of the various causes of conjunctivitis, and new therapeutic approaches on the horizon.

Refractive Surgery

Should RLE Surgeons Brace for Dislocations?

A look at the data, and surgeon experience, regarding factors that influence the long-term stability of IOLs in the capsular bag.

Research Review

Wills Eye Resident Case Series

January 2017 Wills Eye Resident Case Series

A 10-year-old boy presents at Wills for help with long-standing blurry vision in one eye.