January 2008

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Editor's Page

Bottom Line

You Can Still Sell Your Practice for Millions

It takes long-term planning and the creation of an Internal Buy-Out Fund, but it can still be done.

Technology Update

Putting a Wrinkle in the Capsular Tension Ring

A small modification to a capsular tension ring may make it easier to perform surgery with the ring in the eye.

Retinal Insider

Complications of Vitreoretinal Surgery

Though rare, complications related to retinal surgery can have serious consequences. Fortunately, most are preventable.

Glaucoma Management

Perimetry & Glaucoma: Strategies for Success

Clinicians offer tips for making the most of this still-evolving technology.

Therapeutic Topics

Unraveling the Mystery of Endophthalmitis

A look at what we know about this dreaded complication and steps that might help prevent it.

Refractive Surgery

A New Approach to Multifocal Ablations

A hyperprolate cornea may be a better option for presbyopes than one with sharply defined zones.

Product News

Research Review

Wills Eye Resident Case Series

Wills Eye Resident Case Series

Persistent swelling after blepharoplasty drives patient to seek further treatment.