October 2012


Dry-Eye Disease by the Numbers

Adding a quantifiable element to diagnosis may help clinicians catch and treat dry eye.

Managing and Making Sense of MGD

Meibomian gland dysfunction has become a topic of increasing interest, but many questions remain unanswered.

OTC Drops: Telling the Tears Apart

When choosing an over-the-counter artificial tear for your dry-eye patient, consider severity of disease and form of dry eye.


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Technology Update

A Catalys for Change In Cataract Surgery

Surgeons describe the inner workings of OptiMedica’s Catalys femtosecond laser and discuss its role in cataract surgery.

Medicare Q & A

The Fundamentals of Meaningful Use

A look at the Medicare requirements and incentives for becoming a “meaningful user” of electronic health records.

Financial Focus

Considerations, Options For Retirement Funds

A look at some of the basic principles of retirement saving, and the choices related to tax decisions on your nest egg.

Retinal Insider

Dry AMD: the Role of Complement

The complement system is implicated in the pathogenesis of dry AMD and, potentially, in its treatment.

Glaucoma Management

PAP: New Concerns for Prostaglandin Use

These popular drugs are causing previously unnoticed cosmetic changes that can be problematic for patients—and doctors.

Therapeutic Topics

Staying Local with Blepharitis Treatment

Ways to diagnose and categorize the disease, and thoughts on the best way to treat it when it occurs.

Refractive Surgery

Don’t Get Lost in the Shifting Sands

How to treat the various stages of diffuse lamellar keratitis and crucial tips on differentiating it from central toxic keratopathy.

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Wills Eye Resident Case Series

Wills Eye Resident Case Series

Ocular irritation progresses to redness, crusting and skin lesions, and leads the patient to seek treatment at the Wills ER.