May 2019


EHR Systems: Room For Improvement?

Doctors discuss EHR issues that need attention, and suggest ways to improve current systems.

How to Manage Uveitic Glaucoma

Tips and techniques for dealing with this unique subset of glaucoma patients.

Saving Private Practice: Is Solo Still Viable?

Being on your own comes with many advantages and challenges—especially today.

Strong Moves for Weak Zonules

Experts share their best tips for managing these difficult cases.

The Questionable Cataract: Who Decides?

Surgeons share tips to help you navigate the sometimes murky waters of preop evaluations.


Review News

Medicare Q & A

The Medicare Appeals Process

Appealing a claim can be daunting. Here’s how to navigate the process, should you need to make an appeal.

Glaucoma Management

Managing Glaucoma With OCT Angiography

This technology is showing promise as a clinical tool for diagnosing and monitoring glaucoma patients.

Product News

Research Review