EyePoint Pharmaceuticals has released Yutiq, a new treatment option for chronic non-infectious posterior uveitis. Yutiq is the first FDA-approved fluocinolone acetonide micro-insert that delivers continuous fluocinolone acetonide for up to three years. It can be administered in a physician’s office through a single-dose preloaded applicator. The company says that peaks and valleys associated with typical treatment options are avoided, as the implant contains 0.18 mg of the steroid, which it consistently releases for 36 months.

Additionally, for those eligible to receive financial assistance, the company has launched EyePoint Assist, a program that bolsters patient access to Yutiq. For more information, call (646) 368-8014.

Humphrey Field Analyzer 3 
Zeiss has announced its next-generation visual field test, HFA3. The new system uses technological advancements to accelerate clinic flow while still delivering the same testing strategies and test patterns as prior generations of HFA, the company says. They add that HFA3’s new features increase confidence in test results, save time and make test administration simpler. Zeiss says HFA3 provides faster initialization, works on a wider spectrum of patients than earlier models and keeps test results equal and interchangeable with data from prior generations of HFA. Visit zeiss.com/meditec/us/home

AngioWellness Scan
Doctors can now assess and diagnose new pathologies using the AngioWellness scan, a new patient-monitoring tool in Optovue’s 

AngioVue OCTA unit, says the company. Optovue says that the scan was designed to help eye-care professionals offer a more comprehensive assessment of diabetic patients and glaucoma suspects. The scan combines structural information about retinal and ganglion cell layer thickness with objective metrics on retinal vasculature into one report, to identify those who may need monitoring or treatment. Visit optovue.com for more information.

The AngioWellness Scan can assess and diagnose new pathologies, says Optovue.

GMPE Software Update 
Heidelberg Engineering has announced that the Hood Glaucoma Report will be available as a new feature in the Spectralis OCT Glaucoma Module Premium Edition (GMPE). The software can aid in diagnosis and management of glaucoma, the company says, by highlighting essential diagnostic information in an intuitive layout, allowing for quick and comprehensive assessment. 

The report lets doctors visualize high resolution OCT B-scans alongside functional and structural measurements so that information can be related to 10-2 and 24-2 visual field points. OCT B-scans and the unique anatomy of each eye are emphasized in the report. Taking advantage of the Anatomic Positioning System in GMPE, which tailors scan placement and orientation to each patient’s individual anatomy, Heidelberg says the report serves as an intuitive diagnostic aid. Visit heidelbergengineering.com.

New Daily Disposables 
SynergEyes has launched SimplifEyes 1Day, a daily disposable contact lens. The company says the lenses include a new technology called Dual Tangible Polymers, from Tangible Science. SimplifEyes 1Day uses a tangible polymer coating on lens surfaces, along with another tangible polymer in the solution, which it says discourages debris build-up while providing comfort and enhanced wettable surfaces. Through a partnership with MyContactLens Online Ordering System the lens-ordering process can potentially be simplified with direct delivery to the patient’s home. Call (619) 855-4522 for more information.

Refraction System
Luneau Technology has recently announced the availability of the Visionix Eye Refract, a refraction system designed with space, speed and consistency in mind, says the company. The system provides an automated wavefront refraction measurement, which is usually a two-step process, but with the incorporation of a dual Hartmann-Shack aberrometer and a digital phoropter, the measurement can be taken in just one step. In three minutes, the company says that autorefraction and subjective refinement can be done using Eye Refract.  Go to visionixusa.com/ecp-products/refraction-instruments/eye-refract-automatic-refraction-system for more information.

New Antiviral Option Arrives
Doctors now have an additional option when managing herpes keratitis, as Fera Pharmaceuticals has announced that the FDA has approved its new drug Avaclyr. The product is an ophthalmic ointment containing acyclovir 3%. 

The company describes Avaclyr as a herpes simplex virus nucleoside analog DNA polymerase inhibitor, indicated for the treatment of acute herpetic keratitis (dendritic ulcers) in patients with herpes simplex (HSV-1 and HSV-2) virus. The most common adverse reactions, which occurred in 2 to 10 percent of subjects, were eye pain (stinging), punctate keratitis and follicular conjunctivitis. 

Fera says it’s in the process of finalizing selection of a commercialization partner to provide doctors and patients access to Avaclyr. Call (516) 277-1449.

Moist-Heat Mask
Bruder recently announced the release of Eyeleve, a moist-heat mask that can provide a solution to patient discomfort caused by all-day contact lens use. The mask increases comfortable contact lens wear-time by up to three hours daily, the company says, and with anti-microbial threads woven into its fabric, the mask decreases the level of certain bacteria and helps to address eyelid hygiene while reducing the risk of corneal infection. Delivering consistent and therapeutic moist heat, Eyeleve stimulates glands and increases oil production in an effort to stabilize the ocular surface, the company says, and this may alleviate symptoms of meibomian gland dysfunction and dry eye related to contact lens use. For more information, visit www.eyeleve.com.

VisoPocket Folding Magnifier
Eschenbach’s new folding magnifier, VisoPocket, can help improve daily visual activities, says the company. Its ultrathin lens can provide 2.5X magnification, and while its lightweight design makes it discreet, the magnifier still features a large lens that provides a wide field of view, Eschenbach says. 

A cutout tab on the corner of the magnifier’s built-in leather case provides easy access when it comes to viewing a menu, map, bills or prescriptions, the company adds. Since VisoPocket is compact, it can be carried in a pocket or purse, and it’s available in three colors, including black, brown and Bordeaux. Call (800) 487-5389 for more information.