March 2019


Cataract Surgeons Eye New Techniques

On our annual survey, surgeons share their best practices for safe, effective results.

How to Manage MIGS Complications

Surgeons offer mitigation techniques for common MIGS complications.

Refining Postop Infection Prevention

There are many ways—new and old—to prevent post-surgery inflammation and endophthalmitis.


Review News

Letters to the Editor

Medicare Q & A

2019 (Year 3) MIPS Changes

What you can do in the coming year to help ensure that your practice earns a bonus—and avoids a penalty.

Retinal Insider

Tech Trends in Vitreoretinal Surgery

A look at retinal surgery innovations, from visualization to instrumentation.

Glaucoma Management

Monitoring IOP at Home: A Work in Progress

Now that technology has made home IOP measurement feasible, doctors are beginning to uncover its real-world pros and cons.

Research Review

Wills Eye Resident Case Series

March 2019 Wills Eye Resident Case Series

A 12-year-old boy presents to the Wills Eye emergency room with unilateral blurred vision and photophobia.