Mar 2005


Anterior Vitrectomy for The Cataract Surgeon

Strategies for dealing with a ruptured posterior capsule all begin with prior planning.


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FDA Recognization Signals Uncertainty

Study Will Assess Flomax and Floppy Iris

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Technology Update

The Hoffer H Formula: A Work in Progress

Tweaking a tried-and-true IOL power calculation formula has led to mixed results.

Medicare Q & A

Retinal Insider

Intraoperative Uses of Indocyanine Green

The first of a two-part look at the benefits and potential drawbacks of ICG in vitreoretinal surgery.

Glaucoma Management

Does Every mmHg Really Matter?

Lowering IOP helps—but some changes in IOP may be more significant than others.

Therapeutic Topics

What Makes a Patient Allergic?

Factors such as environment, heredity and personal hygiene all play a role in allergy.

Refractive Surgery

New Technology Tackles Complex Eyes

Topography-guided ablations and wavefront corrections can help selected patients.

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