June 2021


The Final Curtain

Musings on life, ophthalmology and the practice of medicine.

Getting Started with Primary SLT

Primary selective laser trabeculoplasty is growing in popularity around the world. If you’re thinking about offering this treatment, here’s guidance.

Thinking of Trying MIGS? 10 Questions Answered

Surgeons offer advice for getting started with MIGS and making the most of these surgeries.

Dry Eye: What’s in the Pipeline?

Promising new treatments are on the horizon.

Managing Top Cataract Surgery Challenges

Experts review tough cases and how to manage them successfully.


Review News

Technology Update

Reevaluating Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Learn how to take full advantage of digital resources with expert advice.

Medicare Q & A

Medicare Public Data: Know What’s Out There

Learn what information Medicare’s publishing about you and your practice, and how to correct it when it’s wrong.

Refractive/Cataract Rundown

Back to Basics: Using OVDs

Know how to optimize your surgical results and stay out of trouble.

Glaucoma Management

Optimizing Outcomes of Tube Shunt Surgery

Preoperative, surgical and postoperative pearls to help ensure the best possible outcomes with these patients.

Pediatric Patient

Pediatric Ocular Trauma And the Pandemic

Kids being confined to quarters for a year or longer has affected the rates and kinds of trauma physicians are seeing.