January 2024


A Match Made in Heaven

Similarity doesn’t always mean compatibility. Experts explain how mixing different IOL models can get the best results.

The Toolbox for Noninfectious Uveitis

From steroids and immunomodulators to biologics and more, there’s a wide array of therapies to consider for this disease. Experts discuss the best ways to balance the risk-to-benefit profile to bring relief to these patients.

Survey: Surgeons Weigh in on IOLs

Cataract surgeons share their thoughts on monofocal, toric, premium and phakic intraocular lenses.

Glaucoma: Detecting OCT Artifacts

OCT devices are powerful tools to ophthalmologists, but clinicians should be aware of the potential artifacts that come with using OCT.


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Technology Update

Medication Adherence in The Digital Age

It’s hard to form healthy habits, but there are many new ways to improve patients’ health and adherence to their medication.

Medicare Q & A

Coding and Payment Updates for 2024

All you need to know about the most recent changes to physician reimbursement, facility reimbursement and more.

Refractive/Cataract Rundown

SMILE Complications: What Not to Do

The most common problems that surgeons experience when starting small-incision lenticule extraction procedures.

Glaucoma Management

Navigating Narrow Angles

An expert reviews practice patterns and shares useful AS-OCT landmarks for diagnosis.

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The Winter of our Discontent

Musings on life, ophthalmology and the practice of medicine.

Wills Eye Resident Case Series

January 2024 Wills Eye Resident Case Series

A man is referred to Wills Eye Hospital for progressive vision loss over months after an injury to his right eye.