January 2012


37 Ways to Get Great Outcomes with Torics

Surgeons share their experience and offer strategies for making the most of these intraocular lenses.

Bringing Monofocal IOLs into Focus

The most recently approved crop of monofocal lenses has features worth exploring, say surgeons.

EHR Computing: In-house or in the Cloud?

Several factors need to be considered when deciding where to store your patients’ data.


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Technology Update

Fine-tuning WaveTec’s in-the-OR Aberrometer

The ORA system that’s replacing the ORange has multiple improved features and appears to produce better outcomes.

Medicare Q & A

Redefinitions Increase the Use of Modifier 25

The redefinition of some surgeries from major to minor procedures has led to an increase in the use of modifier 25.

Retinal Insider

Diagnosis & Treatment of Intraocular Lymphoma

A look at the distinct clinical features that help to establish the diagnosis and guide treatment of these malignancies.

Glaucoma Management

Is Imaging Ready for Clinical Practice?

A surgeon with extensive experience using these technologies makes the case that it is.

Therapeutic Topics

Acanthamoeba Creeps into the Light

Clearing up misconceptions about the Acanthamoeba infection in light of recent outbreaks.

Research Review

Wills Eye Resident Case Series

Wills Eye Resident Case Series

A young man with a recent complaint of blurry spots and smudges in his peripheral vision presents to the Wills ER.