January 2010

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Technology Update

Into the Eye: Two New Ways to Deliver Drugs

A programmable electronic pump and a device that pushes drugs through the sclera both show promise.

Retinal Insider

Use of Biologic Agents in the Treatment of Uveitis

These potent new agents may help some patients who are refractory to more traditional immunosuppressive therapies.

Glaucoma Management

Managing Glaucoma in Refractive Patients

LASIKS and other surgeries may impact glaucoma patients—and their treatment—in multiple ways.

Therapeutic Topics

The Secrets to Sustained Release

The methods researchers and companies are using to keep a steady flow of drug to the eye.

Refractive Surgery

ISRS Survey: Surgeons Prefer Femtosecond

Surgeons’ preferences took interesting turns on this year’s survey.

Product News

Research Review

Wills Eye Resident Case Series

Wills Eye Resident Case Series

Tearing, Redness and Photophobia in an Infant Leads to Referral for an Ophthalmologic Evaluation