Which Lens for Which Patient?

Cataract surgeons discuss the criteria they use when selecting a lens for a patient.

Cataract Surgeons Embrace New Options

Cataract surgeons who responded to our annual intraocular lens survey are both hewing to their tried-and-true options and leaving the door open for new lenses, too.

IOL Fixation: Pearls From The Pros

Surgeons offer strategies for completing successful fixation using suturing, gluing, the Yamane technique and other current alternatives.

New Thinking on IOL Exchanges

A recent study found no meaningful difference in complications in exchanges with an open or intact posterior capsule.

FDA Approvals Usher in Unique IOL Options

What to know about the new IOLs from AcuFocus and Lenstec, and where they might fit into your practice.

An Update on ‘Monofocal-plus’ IOLs

How the latest non-diffractive lenses are fitting into the field, and what results to expect.

A First Look At the EVO ICL

The EVO/EVO+ ICL’s unique design could pave the way for more patients to benefit from ICL technology.