November 2016


Thicker than Water: Autologous Serum

The benefits and limitations of this unique corneal therapy.

Treating Dry Eye: Beyond Drops

Ophthalmologists’ armamentarium for treating dry eye continues to grow.

Managing Dry-eye Patients, Step by Step

Surgeons offer advice on making sense of today’s diagnostic and treatment options.


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Ophthalmic Product Development Insights

Technology Update

Lights, KAMRA, Action!

A surgeon has developed a novel method for centering the AcuFocus KAMRA corneal inlay using a widely available digital camera.

Masters of Surgery

Ten Things NOT To Do As a Surgeon

Sometimes, you can do what’s right just by knowing what’s wrong.

Retinal Insider

Avoiding the Traps of Hydroxychloroquine Use

Proper communication between specialties and using the correct formula for dosing can curb toxicity.

Plastic Pointers

Periocular Peels And Potions

A look at the chemical agents patients can use topically in an effort to fight the effects of aging.

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Wills Eye Resident Case Series

November 2016 Wills Eye Resident Case Series

A middle-aged woman presents with painless double vision and lid swelling that results in a referral to Wills’ Ocular Oncology Service.