There’s a new way to treat ocular pain following ophthalmic surgery, with a one-time insert that delivers up to 30 days of steroid treatment. Ocular Therapeutix’s recently approved product, Dextenza, is the first FDA-approved, fully-absorbable insert. The intracanalicular device provides a full course of steroid treatment with a single placement. Not only is the product convenient, it’s also demonstrated efficacy and safety through multiple studies, the company states. For information, call (412) 228-1678

Save Exam Data in the Cloud
As the amount of patient exam data rapidly increases, there’s a growing need for secure, automated storage. With Topcon’s new add-on module, Topcon Cloud, you can back up and archive data. In addition, since everything is stored in the cloud, you can view data anywhere there’s an internet connection, provided you have the proper login credentials. Topcon says the product is easy to install, configure and set up, and it eliminates the need for manual backups. It’s affordable, automated and scalable, allowing for major modification should your practice’s need change, the company adds. It adds that Topcon Cloud is compliant with ISO and HIPAA, which can add another layer of efficiency and productivity to your practice. Email

ACTPen Autoinjector
Patients have a new option for treating giant cell arteritis with Genentech’s new product, the ACTPen for Actemra. It’s a single-dose, prefilled autoinjector that provides an additional mode of delivery for the drug. Actemra has been used to treat more than one million patients worldwide since 2010, the company says, adding that patients, caregivers and health-care professionals have performed safe, effective and successful injections using the ACTPen. Call (650) 467-7698.




Coburn’s Portable Slit Lamp 
Bring more portability to your practice with Coburn Technology’s new portable slit lamp. It’s light, user-friendly and mobile, allowing simple examination of the eye, the company says. Coburn adds that the device may be useful in situations in which a patient doesn’t have the ability to sit comfortably at a traditional slit lamp. The product provides an easier experience for both user and patient when it comes to performing examinations, Coburn says, since it allows the user to operate the battery-powered slit lamp with one hand. An enhanced view of the cornea is possible with a built-in, one-touch magnifier, a maximum illumination angle of 60 degrees and strong LED illumination, which can help relieve the user’s visual fatigue. Product features include the ability to connect with an iPhone to capture images. The slit lamp also comes with a case for easy carrying and storage. Call 1-800-COBURN-1.  ​REVIEW