Refractive/Cataract Rundown

Managing the Mystery of Dysphotopsias

Although these unwanted phenomena continue to occur, there are ways to help patients overcome the symptoms.

A Look at the Teneo Excimer Laser

Taking stock of the unique features of the newly FDA-approved Technolas Teneo Excimer Laser Platform.

The Right Time for MSICS and MiLoop

When confronted with an extremely dense cataract, surgeons may need to consider alternatives to phaco, experts say.

SMILE Complications: What Not to Do

The most common problems that surgeons experience when starting small-incision lenticule extraction procedures.

A Pain in the Neck

Prone to musculoskeletal pain, ophthalmologists seek ergonomic solutions for the sake of their bodies and careers.

Addressing Pterygia in Cataract Patients

These conjunctival lesions can impact keratometry, often making staged surgery the best choice for patient outcomes.

What to do with a White Cataract

The challenges to expect and tips for successful management of these complicated cases.

LASIK Enhancements: Handle with Care

Refractive surgeons say the keys to managing these cases are patience and precision.

Lessons on Clear Lens Extraction

IOL technologies are creating more appeal for refractive lens exchange. Here’s guidance on patient selection.

Considerations for Fuchs’ and Cataract

The severity Fuchs’ may create some challenging variables for a patient’s treatment. Here’s guidance.