Faster, deeper and higher-resolution imaging of the eye is now possible with the new Dual-Speed Swept Source feature for the PLEX Elite 2.0 OCT/OCTA, according to the device’s maker, Zeiss. The company says that the new feature provides expanded visualization options, helping reveal how diseases are manifesting. It can now scan at both 200 kHz and 100 kHz, which enables a more detailed analysis of the retina that may enhance the quality of ophthalmic care and research, the company says. With the Dual-Speed Swept-Source OCT/OCTA, the PLEX Elite 2.0 can provide faster scans that visualize from the retinal-vitreous interface down to the choroid, and image conditions such as posterior staphylomas, retinal detachments, high myopia and choroidal tumors. For more information, visit

Centurion Modifications

Alcon’s Centurion Vision System has two new improvements, the Active Sentry Handpiece and Intrepid Hybrid Tip, that Alcon says are intended to improve safety, consistency and control during cataract surgery. 

Active Sentry has a built-in fluidics pressure sensor that communicates with the Centurion vision system to detect pressure in real time and alert the system’s Active Fluidics technology as fluctuations occur to stabilize the anterior chamber. The Intrepid Hybrid Tip, designed with a rounded polymer edge, can improve patient safety in the operating room by reducing the risk of capsular tears, the company says. Visit for more information.

Ocular Corticosteroid

Kala Pharmaceuticals says its new topical steroid, Inveltys, is a safe, effective, twice-daily option for postop pain and inflammation after ophthalmic surgery. To enhance penetration into target tissues,
Inveltys uses Kala’s proprietary Ampplify drug-delivery technology, which increases drug delivery by facilitating penetration through tear film mucus. Visit for more information. 


Zen Multifocal Scleral Lens 

Bauch + Lomb recently released the Zen Multifocal scleral lens for patients with irregular corneas and ocular surface diseases. Eye-care professionals can now fit presbyopes, and those with conditions such as dry eye, says the company. The lenses incorporate decentered optics, which B+L says enable the near power to be positioned over the visual axis, giving patients clear vision over a wide range of distances. Zen Multifocal offers power ranges from +1 to +3.50 D, in 0.25-D steps. The lens design also has variable near zones from 1.5 mm to 3.0 mm in 0.5-mm steps. The Zen Multifocal Scleral Lens is exclusively available with Zenlens and Zen RC scleral lenses through the company’s Specialty Vision Products unit. Visit for more information on the Zen lens.


Keep a Lid on MGD

Bruder says there’s a new eyelid and lash solution available that can provide relief from dry eyes, styes and symptoms caused by blepharitis and meibomian gland dysfunction. Bruder Hygenic Eyelid Solution is a spray that can be applied to closed eyelids that cleans and soothes as it removes foreign material and debris on and around the eyelid margins. 

The company says the hygenic spray is good for eyelid health and improves the hygiene of lids, lashes and the palpebral margin. The solution, which can be used daily, is an all-natural, hypoallergenic formula that contains no alcohol, oil, sulfates or parabens, the company says. 

For more information, visit  

NuLids for Dry Eye

Patients now have another option for treating dry eye at home with NuSight’s recently launched NuLids. The device gently stimulates, “de-caps” and rejuvenates the meibomian glands to improve clinical symptoms and signs of dry eye, the company says. Most dry-eye patients have compromised meibomian gland function, which can result in an unstable tear film and subsequent premature breakdown of tears, says NuSight, adding that NuLids combats this by enhancing the production and flow of meibum. The company says the system is safe, effective and easy to use without any known side effects. Call 1 (833) 3NULIDS. 


AI Screening Tool

Eyenuk’s EyeScreen Human + AI Diagnostic Service, a screening tool for diabetic retinopathy, is now available. Combining artificial intelligence disease detection and human grading, the service is designed to increase access to diabetic retinopathy screening, reduce wait times and improve patient compliance, its maker says. Eyenuk says the EyeScreen service aims to improve patient outcomes and reduce the incidence of vision loss due to DR by using independent, unbiased interpretation by a human and a validated autonomous AI system. The company says this can connect primary- and diabetes-care clinics with eye-care specialists, allowing for quicker treatment of progressing DR. Go to for more information. 

Eyenuk’s EyeScreen Human + AI Diagnostic Service combines artificial intelligence disease detection and human grading to screen for diabetic retinopathy.


Next Generation OMNI

SightSciences has released its next generation OMNI trabeculotomy system. Commercially launched in 2018, the OMNI is a manually operated device that delivers small amounts of viscoelastic during viscodilation and cuts the trabecular meshwork tissue during trabeculotomy. 


SightSciences says its recent modifications to the device have enhanced device preparation, aesthetics, handing and ergonomics. For more information, visit REVIEW