Imaging & Diagnostics

A Fully Automated Fundus Camera 

US Ophthalmic’s new non-mydriatic, 100-degree field of view, 12-megapixel digital fundus camera, the EFC-2600, and its EZER operating system, is fully automatic and will make early detection and diagnosis of vision-threatening eye conditions quick, efficient and affordable for all patients, according to the company. 

The EFC-2600 has 10 fixation targets and an automatic mosaic modality function that combines several image fields into a wider field of view of the retina. The company says this feature will aid in rapid diagnosis of diabetic retinopany, glaucoma and other pathology. The camera can also image the anterior segment. 

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AS-OCT Upgrade from Oculus

Oculus’ Pentacam AXL Wave is the newest addition to the company’s Pentacam line and supplements its anterior segment tomography and optical biometry with retroillumination and total-eye wavefront and object refraction with the addition of a Hartmann-Shack sensor. 

The AXL Wave analyzes optical performance of the total cornea, total eye and crystalline lens or IOL. Oculus also notes that the AXL Wave has a new examination routine that guides users through the patient-friendly imaging process; clinicians will be able image both eyes in under five minutes. All parameters for corneal screening, IOL power selection and calculation, ICL selection and calculation, and pupil diameter under dimmed and dark conditions appear on the overview display, and the software package includes an IOL calculator and the company’s built-in IOL database. 

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Cataract Surgery

The Johnson & Johnson Vision Veritas phaco system, which will be commercially available later in 2021, helps control surge and promote stability, the company says.

New Phacoemulsification System from J&J

The Veritas Vision System is a next-generation phacoemulsification system that features improved fluidics and ergonomics. Johnson & Johnson says Veritas offers optimal safety, efficiency and user experience. New technology allows surgeons to guide through any lens density with less surge and more stability, says the company. 

Veritas was FDA 510(k)-approved and received the CE mark in April, with a full global commercial launch planned for later this year according to the company. 

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A Vectorial Approach to Refraction

Essilor says the Vision-R 700 is a refraction system that features a precisely-controlled optical module with variable focus and digital infinite refraction technology. Vision-R 700 includes simultaneous and continuous variations of sphere power, cylinder axis and cylinder power for a new cylinder-search method based on a vectorial approach to refraction, Essilor says. 

Automated smart programs in the Vision-R 700 guide the practitioner for optimal efficiency, Essilor says. The company believes its digital infinite refraction technology will provide the basis for refraction-method advances, such as remote refraction and telemedicine. 

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A Compact Refraction System for Any User

The Visionix Eye Refract system from Luneau Technology USA received its next-generation upgrade earlier this year. 

Luneau says the second-generation Eye Refract occupies 8 square feet of space and features an automated, binocular, dynamic digital phoropter with wavefront-based auto-refractometry and keratometry, a digital acuity short chart and integrated lens analyzer. 

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