Technology Update

Enhancing Vision With wEVES

Wearable electronic vision enhancement systems can improve the lives of patients with AMD and low-vision conditions.

Medication Adherence in The Digital Age

It’s hard to form healthy habits, but there are many new ways to improve patients’ health and adherence to their medication.

Tips for Securing Patient Data

Health care data breaches happen regularly and there are many ways to prevent the possibility of a cyberattack.

Help for Intravitreal Injections

Traditional intravitreal injection techniques are tried-and-true, but there are devices that can help guide the procedure.

Patient Education: Just a Click Away

Develop patient education experiences in the waiting room, exam room and at home with these online resources.

Dry Eye: Artificial Intelligence Update

A round-up of the latest AI research in dry eye, from tear-film analysis to meibography and early clinical tools.

Speech-to-Text Tools For Physicians

Medical dictation tools are evolving, providing doctors with various speech recognition services and platforms.

Tools to Lighten the Prior Authorization Load

Physicians and staff spend almost 13 hours per week on PAs, according to the AMA. Here are six tools that could help.

The ESCRS IOL Calculator

An update on the new IOL calculator that uses seven major formulas simultaneously.

Time for An Upgrade?

A look at the latest smartphones and how their features could benefit you.