In late March, Bausch + Lomb announced the introduction of 25- and 27-gauge Bi-Blade


dual port vitrectomy cutters for the Stellaris Elite vision enhancement system. 

Bausch + Lomb says its Bi-Blade cutters cut in both the forward and backward directions, enabling two cuts per cycle, as opposed to single-port cutters. The design used with the Stellaris Elite surgical platform offers up to 15,000 cuts per minute, allowing for increased flow efficiency and control. 

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Coburn’s New Visual Field Analyzer and Retinal Camera

Coburn T


echnologies recently introduced two new products: the SK-850A visual field analyzer and the SK-650A retinal camera. 

The SK-850A comes in two different models (standard and expert), with the expert design coming equipped with enhanced features for more advanced testing. The SK-850A also includes auto gaze tracking (3D fixation monitoring with infrared light tracking of the pupil on the x, y and z planes), easy-to-read and print reports, and automatic calibration  and brightness measurement. 

The SK-650A retinal camera is a nonmydriatic camera that is also DICOM-compatible. The device features an auto mosaic


function (a nine-point fixation system allowing for auto-mosaic photography over a large retinal area), red-free visual testing for comparison of nerve fiber layer images over time, and a new optical design that Coburn says features full 45-degree image capture in order to avoid losing fundus information.

For more information on Coburn’s new visual field analyzer and retinal camera, visit coburntechnologies.comREVIEW