Cataract Surgery

A Look at the Latest Pre-loaded IOL Injectors

Pre-loaded injectors for intraocular lenses offer a host of features in addition to the convenience of staff members not having to worry about fussing with lenses and injectors ahead of time.

Counteracting Declining Reimbursements

How cataract surgeons can take advantage of advanced technologies and products to build a better patient experience and boost their bottom line.

Maximizing Residency Surgical Experience

Surgical training is a trust-based relationship. Here’s what we’ve learned.

Light Adjustable Lens: Practice Integration

Is the LAL right for your practice? Experts share how they navigated the adjustable waters of this new technology.

How to Manage Postop Inflammation

A simplified treatment regimen may be able to improve patient compliance, surgeons say.

Managing Irregular Corneas and Cataracts

Surgeons discuss how to get a cornea in the best possible shape before calculating IOL power.

Cataract Surgeons Look at New Approaches

Cataract surgeons share their thoughts on the go-to techniques for everything from managing astigmatism and breaking up the nucleus to managing postop inflammation.

IOLs & Cataract Surgery in Glaucoma Patients

These patients have more options today, but IOL choice and cataract removal still require a careful approach. Here’s guidance.

Get a Grip on Cataract Surgery

Showing hand positions in educational videos may bring a new understanding of techniques.

Which Lens for Which Patient?

Cataract surgeons discuss the criteria they use when selecting a lens for a patient.