, an Internet portal for those with impaired vision, has expanded its content with launch of a Children's Vision channel. Topics of interest to vision-impaired children and their parents include news on children's eye health and information about pediatric eye disorders. Specific pages offer information on "Protecting Your Child's Eyesight," "Preventing Children's Eye Injuries," and a Safe Toys Checklist.

The site, developed by Lighthouse International and Britain's Royal National Institute for the Blind, is specially designed for people with vision impairment. It features large type and high-contrast colors, as well as an accessible design that allows users of assistive technologies (like screen readers and magnification software) to easily navigate the site.

Disposable Tools for Phaco

OASIS Medical announces a new line of disposable bimanuals. The separate irrigation and aspiration functions give the surgeon control and flexibility during cortex removal and capsule polishing. The disposable bimanuals include both irrigation and aspiration handpieces. The blue irrigation handpiece is curved with a textured tip, closed end and a dual 0.5-mm oval port. The purple aspiration handpiece is curved with a textured tip, closed end and a round 0.3-mm port. Both handpieces are currently available in 19-ga., 20-ga. and 21-ga. sizes. Additional tip configurations will be available in the future. Call 1-800-528-9786 or visit

Combination Measurement Tool

Nidek has launched its combination Auto-Refractometer, Keratometer & Tonometer unit, the Nidek RKT-7700. The unit measures refractive power, corneal curvature and intraocular pressure. The company says the unit is ideal for accurate and fast patient care in clinics and hospitals. The combination platform saves space, offers a patient-friendly, ergonomic interface, and is fully automated.  Visit