Tomey USA has unveiled its latest devices, the TL-2000C and TL-3000C auto lensmeters. The TL-2000C and 3000C incorporate a fashionable design and practicality to guarantee a quality lensmeter that suits any room design. The TL-2000C and 3000C can measure standard and high-index, bifocal, trifocal, progressive and prism lenses. In addition they can measure hard and soft contact lenses.

The 5.7-inch color touch-panel display provides a clear image with an easy-to-use customizable shortcut menu. The TL-3000C can accurately measure the UV transmittance while also measuring the power of the lens. By using PD mode, the TL-3000C can measure interpupillary distance with automatic right/left detection. By using Auto CL mode, once the nose piece for measuring contact lenses is set, the TL-3000C automatically switches to the contact lens measurement mode. Call 1 (888) 449-4045 or visit


AIT's WAM-5500 for Objective Accommodation Measurements

In an age when objective measure-ment findings are preferred, AIT says its WAM-5500 provides an easy, clinical manner to achieve reliable pre-test, pre-surgery and post-surgery measurements. Using the WAM-5500 you can objectively measure your patient's ability to accommodate. Objective accommodation measurement is especially useful for elderly and pediatric patients.

Some features at a glance:

   • A.M. Mode, an advanced function to measure pupil constriction to more objectively measure accommodation;

   • measurement with both eyes provides a more natural condition eliminating instrument myopia

   • easier measurement with open view window allows you to choose a target that best suits your patients such as toys or cartoons for children;

   • Hi Speed Mode allows the connection to a PC using dedicated software to measure the SE value and pupil diameter at 0.2 seconds per step;

   • on-screen indication of spherical equivalent;

   • measurement can be made easily with patients with contacts, glasses or IOLs;

   • data output in the form of video or through a RS-232C interface to our dedicated software; and

    • easy mode change.

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New Omni Collection Makes Any Wall a Profit Center
Fashion Optical Displays introducesits new, contemporary Omni Collection with eye-catching merchandising options. The Omni display system consists of an assortment of slender panels in varying sizes ranging from seven to 45 frame capacities. The panels can be arranged in a multitude of configurations to fit any wall and are ideal for high-traffic areas or dispensaries with limited space. The Omni features the premium Concorde three-point frame support system and utilizes a wide selection of interchangeable graphic and signage holders, mirrors and display shelves. For information, visit or call 1 (800) 824-4106.


All About: Help with Social Media

Eye-care practitioners are quickly adopting new tools for engaging their current and prospective patients. But after activating a blog, Twitter account or Facebook page, a common question is, "What do I say?" can help by providing practitioners with a steady stream of topics of interest to consumers. Each time the website publishes a new article or news item, a note is posted to's Facebook page. By following on Facebook, eye care practitioners can get suggestions on what to write for their patients.

"Originally, our objective was to simply keep eye care practitioners in the loop on what their patients might be reading," says Ron Walker, publisher. "We quickly realized that this flow of information could be helpful for a practice's own social media efforts."

Practitioners can take advantage of updates by visiting Those who don't use Facebook can still get summaries of new articles and news via's monthly Eye-Opener newsletter, available at

Online since 2000, is an independent resource providing consumers with hundreds of pages of trustworthy, up-to-date information on vision correction and eye health.

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Gulden's Offers Affordable Pocket-Size Ophthalmoscope
Gulden Ophthalmics says itsnew, pocket-sized ophthalmoscope is ideal for rapid and accurate central fundus evaluation. With no lenses or filter wheels, it offers an easy-to-use method to screen for many medical conditions that an eye exam can reveal.

The Gulden Pocket Ophthalmo-scope is excellent for diagnosing and monitoring cataracts, glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration, hypertension, diabetes, brain tumors, infections, cerebral malaria and Alzheimer's. The ophthalmoscope uses the patient's own cornea and lens to focus the light and provide a clear, magnified view of the back of the eye. As a direct ophthalmoscope, it produces a magnified image with a fairly narrow field of view.

The instrument is small and affordable so that all medical professionals can carry it all the time, making it ideal for routine screening. For information, visit or e-mail:


Iridex Introduces New Instruments for Retinal Surgery

Iridex Corp. has added auniqueline of vitreoretinal instrumentation to its ophthalmic product portfolio. As a result of the acquisition of RetinaLabs by Iridex, surgeons now have ready and convenient access to an array of instruments and adjunct products offering unmatched clinical benefits for use during vitreoretinal procedures in the operating room and the surgery center. All of the acquired RetinaLabs products are covered by one or more U.S. and international patents, and available for immediate shipment and use within the United States.

Products introduced into the Iridex surgical portfolio include:

    • MoistAir Humidifying Chamber, a sterile, single-use product that provides humidified air to the eye during fluid-air exchange. The use of humidified air can substantially reduce the dehydrating effects of dry air.

   • GreenTip Soft Tip Cannulas, sterile, single-use devices that effectively enhance the surgeon's visibility during retinal surgery. A complete line of GreenTipCannulas is available in 20-, 23- and 25-ga. sizes, and with regular and brush tip styles.

   • Endoview Sapphire Lenses provide superior clarity and optical performance, with the capability for extreme wide-angle viewing that is particularly useful during fluid-gas exchange procedures. These durable, autoclaveable lenses are manufactured from high refractive index single-crystal sapphire and are scratch and chip resistant. Available lenses include plano, prismatic, biconcave, macular magnifying, and asymmetric biconcave lenses.

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