The Non Contact Surgical Wide Angle Lens, a new lens for vitreoretinal procedures from Volk Optical, delivers both image clarity and autoclave convenience, the company says.

The lens, part of Volk's AutoClave Sterilizable line, can be safely steam-sterilized with an in-office system and can prevent the formation of mineral deposits that can develop with frequent sterilization.

The NC Surgical WA ACS Lens is designed for with a non-contact system and operating microscope. The lens provides a wide-angle view (to 120 degrees) for visualization of the retina out to the equator. The low-profile ring minimizes interference to field of vision. To supplement the operating microscope, the lens has an image magnification of 0.43x and laser spot magnification of 2.33x. The lens is compatible with the Oculus BIOM system. For more information contact Volk Optical at 1 (800) 345-8655 or visit


Tools for Lensectomy, Capsulorhexis

Rhein Medical has two new instruments available, one designed for lensectomies, and the other for capsulorhexis centration.

The Harman Manipulator (Product #8-04409) has a mirror-polished distal tip shaped like an olive, ideal for sweeping nucleus fragments toward a phaco tip, making clear lens-ectomies easier, the company says.

The Harman Capsulorrhexis Marker (Product #8-12117) is designed to mark a 5-mm circle on the anterior cornea. The company says the marker has a 5-mm inner diameter optical zone for accurate centration of the capsulorrhexis and placement of a multifocal and accommodating intraocular lens. The instrument has four elevated radials to assist in centration, two opposing radials with an 11-mm spread for small corneas, and two opposing radials with a 12-mm spread for large corneas.

Both instruments were developed in coordination with David M. Harman, MD. For more information call 1 (800) 637-4346.


New Occluder from Gulden

The Lorgnette Occluder, a new eye covering from Gulden Ophthalmics, is different in that it is held by the patient, allowing the practitioner's hands to remain free during testing and treatments.

The instrument (Product Number 12133) allows either the patient's left or right eye to be quickly occluded or presented with a pinhole view. In addition the pinhole can be flipped open to give the patient an open view. The attached multiple pinhole occluder flips down on demand. The instrument is also called a Mask Occluder with pinhole or Trotter Modified Occluder.

The device is suitable for any age patient. For more information call (215) 884-8105 or visit


Contact Lens Trainer Program

Trevi Technology's updated Ocutouch 360 software program includes several enhanced and new-content areas, including an interactive contact lens trainer instruction program for patients.

The Ocutouch 360, version 3.0, released in June, features 13 animated consultation narratives, an exam room collection of 293 animations, and a complete illustrated optical anatomy section.

The contact lens program allows patients to examine five main subject areas and 18 sub-categories in either auto-play or self-guided modes. This allows the patient to select any of the steps they may want to review for clarification. An-imated sequences demonstrate the correct methods of lens handling, including hand and lens preparation and inserting and removing the lens. Additional new features of the software include an expanded waiting room loop focusing on common optical conditions and treatments.

The practice may also the waiting room playlist, the company says. For more information call 1 (888) 66-Trevi, or visit


New Collection from Eye Designs

Eye Designs, designers of custom ophthalmic interiors, has introduced a new collection of furniture. The Classics collection is an assortment of freestanding eyewear displays featuring elegant moldings and stylish details, the company says. The company offers on-site consultations for its design services and furniture collections. For more information call 1 (800) 346-8890, or visit