The No-Drops icare Tonometer from Rhein Medical (Product #8-13112) offers  accurate and consistent ease of use, without the need for drops and no puff. Rhein says the ergonomic design fits all intraocular pressure applications, and its single-use sterile probe, which lightly contacts the cornea, eliminates the risk of microbiological contamination. It is ideal for measuring adolescent, obese, Down's Syndrome and dementia patients. For information, call (813) 885-5050.


ICaps AREDS Formula Features
New Dosing Regimen

Alcon has introduced new ICaps Softgel ocular supplement AREDS formula with a reduced dosing. Just two new softgels deliver the same levels of vitamins and minerals tested in the AREDS study. With half as many pills to take, patients may be more likely to be compliant with your recommendations for ocular supplements, Alcon says.

The ICaps ocular supplements family includes the ICaps MV multi-vitamin and the ICaps Lutein & Zeaxanthin formula.

The ICaps Softgel AREDS formula is recommended for patients who have been diagnosed with moderate to severe age-related macular changes. The ICaps MV multi-vitamin is for patients who care about ocular and systemic nutrition. It contains no beta carotene so it's safe even for patients who smoke. And the Lutein & Zeaxanthin tablet is recommended for patients who are concerned about and may be at risk for age-related macular changes but have not yet been diagnosed with them. For information, visit or call 1 (800) 695-6992.

Acuvue Oasys Contact Lenses
Approved for Therapeutic Use

Vistakon now offers Acuvue Oasys contact lenses with Hydraclear Plus in a plano lens for therapeutic use (8.4 mm base curve).

The Food & Drug Administration granted approval for therapeutic uses as a bandage lens, including: for corneal protection in lid and corneal abnormalities such as entropion, trichiasis, tarsal scars and recurrent corneal erosion; for corneal pain relief in conditions such as bullous keratopathy, epithelial erosion and abrasion, filamentary keratitis and  post-keratoplasty; for use as a barrier during the healing process of epithelial defects such as chronic epithelial defects, corneal ulcer, neurotrophic and neuroparalytic keratitis and chemical burns; for postop bandage lens use such as post-refractive surgery, lamellar grafts, corneal flaps and additional ocular surgical conditions; and for structural stability and protection in piggy-back lens fitting where the cornea and associated surfaces are too irregular to allow for corneal rigid gas permeable lenses to be fit. For information call 1 (800) 843-2020 or visit


Extended Minus Powers for
Biofinity Contact Lenses

CooperVision has expanded the parameters of its Biofinity silicone hydrogel contact lenses. With the new sphere powers, minus lenses now range from -0.25 D to -10 D. The lenses feature AquaForm technology, which forms hydrogen bonds with water molecules to create a naturally hydrophilic contact lens that retains water within the lens. AquaForm technology also incorporates longer siloxane chains, which means less silicone needs to be incorporated into the lens material to achieve high levels of oxygen transmissibility. This optimizes the relationship between oxygen and water, and creates a softer, more flexible lens material that stays moist, CooperVision says.

Biofinity is manufactured from comfilcon A material, with a water content of 48 percent, Dk of 128 and Dk/t of 160. The lens features a base curve of 8.6 mm, and a diameter of 14 mm. For information, visit


Gulden Dispenser Eliminates

Gulden Ophthalmics Ultra Touchless Dispenser automatically dispenses hand sanitizer, soap or lotion. Its motion sensor technology and touchless operation help to eliminate cross-contamination between uses and users. The user simply places his or her hand under the sensor to automatically dispense a pre-set volume of liquid. A built in LED light timer can be set to blink for 20 seconds to indicate how long to sanitize or lather hands for control of germs. Users can select from four volume settings to dispense preset amounts of liquid.