Notal Vision reports that its ForeseeHome AMD Monitor, which links patients and doctors between eye exams for ongoing monitoring of age-related macular degeneration, has received FDA clearance. Patients complete a frequent but brief exam on their ForeseeHome AMD Monitor at home, and data is transmitted to the patients' eye-care physician and the Notal Vision Data Monitoring Center.

Notal calls the device the first home monitoring device for following patients at risk of vision loss, offering hope for early intervention through early detection, and the company says numerous clinical studies have demonstrated that the monitor is an accurate and reliable tool for frequent monitoring of patients at risk for vision loss from wet AMD. For information, visit


Bausch & Lomb Adds Two to Its Line of Single-Use Instruments

Bausch & Lomb has announced the U.S. release of two new additions to the Storz Ophthalmic line of single-use instrumentation. The 85910ST Silicone I/A Handpiece for the Stellaris System and the 85910S Silicone I/A Handpiece for the Millennium System and most competitive systems are now available for facilities seeking the safety, consistency and convenience a single-use instrument offers.

Both instruments feature a flexible 45-degree silicone tip designed for effective cortical removal, capsule polishing, viscoelastic removal and intraocular lens manipulation in the capsular bag, the company says. Recommended for use in a 2.2- to 2.8-mm incision, the smooth irrigation and aspiration ports eliminate sharp edges for reduced risk of capsule rupture. In addition, the semi-transparent silicone sleeve provides superior visualization.

Customers can receive more information or obtain a quote by visiting or by calling 1 (800) 338-2020.


Ocusoft Debuts TetraVisc Forte

Ocusoft has introduced TetraVisc Forte, a new advance in topical ophthalmic anesthesia. Fortified with higher viscosity, TetraVisc Forte increases corneal contact time providing longer anesthesia than other traditional ophthalmic anesthetics and significantly improves pain levels in postoperative patients, the company says. TetraVisc Forte is packaged in multi-dose 5-mL dropper bottles and single unit-of-use 0.6-mL bottles that offer advantages over jellies, including rapid and immediate dispersion across the cornea that eliminates the need for multiple drops or supplemental intracameral anesthesia and increased efficiency in the operating room or the clinic. TetraVisc, the original topical anesthetic gel, will still be available.

For more information or a trial evaluation, call 1 (800) 233-5469, or visit