You may be able to get a better view of retinal pathology with Zeiss’ recently approved Clarus 700, High-Definition, Ultra-Widefield Imaging system.

Zeiss says that the Clarus 700 is the first high-resolution ultra-widefield imaging system with true color and a complete range of fundus imaging modalities, including fluorescein angiography. The company says that ultra-widefield fluorescein angiography can help ophthalmologists identify proliferative vitreoretinopathy earlier, as well as capture images of conditions such as uveitis, choroidal masses, retinal tears, retinal detachments and peripheral ischemia. Fluorescein angiography with the Clarus 700 can image details from the macula in the early phase of FA to the periphery in the late phase, the company adds.

Zeiss says the device is able to capture images that closely resemble the natural coloration of the fundus, through the use of a technology known as Broadline Fundus Imaging, which is based on slit-scanning ophthalmoscopy. In BLFI, during image capture, a broad line of illumination is scanned across the retina. A monochromatic camera captures the returned light in order to image the tissue. A single sweep of the illumination is used to illuminate the retina for image capture.

The Clarus 700 features several capture methods, including true color with RGB separation, autofluorescence green, autofluorescence blue, stereo image pairs, external eye photos and fluorescein angiography. No patient repositioning is required when switching between modalities, the company says. For information, visit


Wipe Away Allergens

Allergies causing red and itchy eyes? Chances are patients’ eyelids are suffering, too. Ocusoft has recently released an eyelid cleanser to help wipe away allergy irritants. The company says its Ocusoft Lid Scrub removes contaminants and irritation-causing allergens like oil, debris and pollen that can irritate the tear film. 

Ocusoft Lid Scrubs come in individually-wrapped pre-moistened pads and feature green tea extract, tea tree oil and PSG-2 (phytosphingosine) to “moisturize and calm irritated eyelids,” the company says. 

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New Materials for Hydra-PEG

If you’re a fan of Boston Materials’ XO and XO2 gas-permeable lenses for patients with such conditions as dry eye and keratoconus, then Blanchard Contact Lenses says you may be in line for an upgrade. 

Blanchard recently announced that its Tangible Hydra-PEG polymer coating is now available with Bausch + Lomb’s Boston XO and Boston XO2 lens materials. Tangible Hydra-PEG is a polymer coating designed to improve the wettability and lubricity of specialty lenses, as well as increase their wear time and comfort.

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