Retinal Insider

Imaging Advances for Choroidal Melanoma

How recent additions to ophthalmologists’ imaging toolbox are helping with diagnosis and management of these cancers.

Succeeding with Scleral-Sutured Lenses

Two surgeons describe their go-to technique for working with IOLs that require scleral fixation.

Stem Cell Therapy in Retinal Disease

A look at how stem cells are generated, and the most promising approaches to employing them in the eye.

Digging Deeper Into Protocol U

The DRCR Network’s study of two treatments for diabetic macular edema revealed the pros and cons of the approaches.

How to Manage Intraocular Lymphoma

What to look for diagnostically, and which therapies to pursue, when you’re faced with this potentially aggressive malignancy.

Addressing the Anti-VEGF Treatment Burden

There are solutions in the research pipeline—both drugs and delivery systems—that might help ease the task of treatment.

Posterior Scleritis: A Diagnostic Challenge

A detailed look at the signs and symptoms to watch for, and how to follow up diagnosis with the appropriate therapy.

A Look at Emerging Treatments for Uveitis

Companies and researchers are hard at work on new drugs as well as innovative delivery systems.

How to Manage Steroid-Refractory Uveitic CME

These cases can be challenging, but there are systemic therapies that have the potential to make them easier to treat.