New Technology

3-D Printing Technology In Ophthalmology

This process makes it possible to create instrument prototypes and custom implants at a reasonable price.

An Early-2018 IRIS Registry Update

With the seemingly exponential growth of the IRIS Registry, it’s a good time to check its progress.

Making the Most of Today’s Biometry Tech

Today’s advanced technology improves outcomes, but caution and training still pay off.

The Latest Technology For Toric Alignment

New ways to increase accuracy continue to appear. Here’s a sampling of what’s available.

Two New Ways to Help Manage Presbyopia

One device allows patients to easily sample multifocal and monofocal options; another may slow the onset of presbyopia.

Breaking New Ground With OCT Technology

This technology is now being used to quantify rhodopsin, visualize retinal microvasculature and examine lacrimal glands.

The Doctor-Patient Connection Goes Digital

Advances in technology are causing significant changes in the way doctors interact with patients.

The Dos and Don’ts of Social Media

How to help patients and your practice while protecting everyone’s privacy.

Retinal Imaging On the Cheap

Portable, smartphone-based imaging solutions that allow the diagnostician to hit the road without breaking the bank.