Glaucoma Management

Is It Glaucoma? Or Just High Myopia?

Highly myopic eyes often resemble glaucomatous eyes, so if pressure is normal, diagnosis can be challenging. Here’s help.

What Causes a Sustained Post-injection IOP Rise?

A surgeon and his colleagues work to solve a mystery: why some patients develop chronic high IOP after anti-VEGF injections.

Redefining Primary Open-angle Glaucoma

Subdividing POAG patients based on factors other than low or high pressures might improve diagnosis and treatment.

Managing Glaucoma with OCT: Secrets to Success

Knowing the advantages and potential pitfalls of this technology can help you make it an effective disease-monitoring tool.

Keeping Your Trabeculectomy On Track

With so many factors beyond our ability to control, it behooves us to be vigilant about controlling the things we can.

Point-Counterpoint: Pattern ERG & Glaucoma

Two surgeons offer arguments pro and con regarding whether this technology has advanced enough to help manage glaucoma.

The Pros and Cons of Using Mitomycin-C

It’s a potentially toxic drug that must be used with care—but when managed properly, it can help to protect vision long-term.

ECP & Cataract Surgery: Perfect Together?

Evidence suggests that endoscopic cyclophotocoagulation can be a safe and effective adjunct to cataract surgery.

MIGS & Meds: Refining Trabecular Bypass

Implanting a MIGS device and adding one drop may be a much better option for many glaucoma patients than a trab or tube.

Familial Glaucoma Risk: Spreading the Word

One way to reduce vision loss from glaucoma is to make sure our patients understand that their relatives are at increased risk.