Glaucoma Management

Supplements & Glaucoma: Advising Your Patients

Given the popularity of questionable “alternative” treatments, your patients are counting on you to set them straight.

GSL and Cataract Surgery: Low Risk, High Reward

An often underutilized procedure, goniosynechialysis can be a significant contributor to pressure control in angle-closure patients.

Don’t Be Fooled: Spotting OCT Artifacts

Numerous factors can cause your machine to produce a misleading result. Here’s how to identify bogus data.

Should You Touch That Trab or Tube?

Successful cataract surgery sometimes involves working around a pre-existing trabeculectomy bleb or tube shunt. Here’s help.

Optimizing the Efficacy of Topical Medications

A number of simple strategies can go a long way toward making sure your patients benefit from their eye drops.

When Should You Neuroimage Your Patient?

Neurologic disease may present with symptoms that mimic glaucoma. Here’s how to know when to check for trouble.

Premium Lenses, Cataract Surgery and Glaucoma

As technology improves and patient expectations rise, doctors treating glaucoma should consider offering premium options.

Glaucoma Surgery: When The Conjunctiva Isn’t Ideal

Damaged or unhealthy conjunctiva can significantly affect the course of glaucoma surgery. Here’s help.

High-tech Mythbusting: Glaucoma and the Macula

As new technology reveals more about the connection between structure and function, many old ideas are falling by the wayside.

Is It Glaucoma? Or Just High Myopia?

Highly myopic eyes often resemble glaucomatous eyes, so if pressure is normal, diagnosis can be challenging. Here’s help.