Glaucoma Management

The Pros and Cons of Using Mitomycin-C

It’s a potentially toxic drug that must be used with care—but when managed properly, it can help to protect vision long-term.

ECP & Cataract Surgery: Perfect Together?

Evidence suggests that endoscopic cyclophotocoagulation can be a safe and effective adjunct to cataract surgery.

MIGS & Meds: Refining Trabecular Bypass

Implanting a MIGS device and adding one drop may be a much better option for many glaucoma patients than a trab or tube.

Familial Glaucoma Risk: Spreading the Word

One way to reduce vision loss from glaucoma is to make sure our patients understand that their relatives are at increased risk.

Seeing Glaucoma from The Patient’s Perspective

One surgeon shares what he has learned from being both a glaucoma patient and doctor.

Managing Pediatric Patients With Glaucoma

Managing young patients with this disease presents a number of challenges, in terms of both diagnosis and treatment.

When a Prostaglandin Drop Isn’t Enough

Many patients need more than a prostaglandin in order to reach your target IOP. Here are the pros and cons of each option.

Assessing the Angle: Which Method Is Best?

Gonioscopy, optical coherence tomography and ultrasound biometry all have advantages and limitations.

Managing Glaucoma with ICE Syndrome

Because of the other issues associated with ICE syndrome, many standard glaucoma treatments are ineffective.

Should You Try a New Glaucoma Surgery?

With new options available, surgeons have to decide whether it makes sense to incorporate them into their practices.