Topcon Medical System
s of Oakland, N.J., has released its new KR/RM-800 product line. Based on 60 years of manufacturing experience, the KR-800 Auto Kerato-Refractometer and the RM-800 Auto Refractor incorporate the very latest in design technology and ergonomics. Featuring a high-resolution 8.5-inch color touch screen, a compact modern design and an improved joystick operation due to a 23-percent reduction in weight, the KR-800/RM-800 take ease-of-use and operability to a new level.

This latest generation auto refractor series from Topcon features the proven Rotary Prism Technology, for unparalleled accuracy and reliable keratometric and refraction measurements every time. In addition, it has a built-in, easy-to-load printer and LAN and RS232 connectivity for easy integration with other ophthalmic instruments, including the Topcon CV-5000S Automated Vision Tester and EMRs. Topcon expected to begin delivering these new products at the end of June. For information, visit

Free Educational Videos for Practitioner Websites
Eye-care professionals can help their websites look polished and educational to potential and current patients with’s new eye-health videos. These embeddable videos provide website visitors with an entertaining and educational resource—at no cost.
As a leading online resource for eye health information, is linked to by thousands of eye-care practitioners who wish to direct their patients to reliable, up-to-date information. With these new eye-health videos, practi-tioners can enhance their websites and take patient education to new heights. 

Four videos available cover the basics of astigmatism, cataract surgery, blurry vision and preventing eye injuries. Interested practitioners should visit’s Eye Care Professional portal and fill out a video request form. In addition to the newly available eye health videos, also offers practitioners free directory listings and a free Eye Health News Feed for Facebook pages. For information visit

Boost: New Line of Cosmetic Products for Sensitive Eyes

Ocusoft has introduced Zoria Boost Lash Intensifying Serum, the first in its new line of cosmetic products for sensitive eyes. Utilizing patented polypeptide technology, Zoria Boost naturally enhances and supports the eyelash growth cycle for dramatically longer, fuller and darker looking eyelashes, the company says.

The product was developed by ophthalmologist and biochemist, Lili Fan, MD, who holds numerous patents for polymeric and oligomeric biosurfactants. The drug-free formula is non-irritating and delivers noticeable results without the potential side effects associated with other lash-enhancement products. It is safe for contact lens wearers and ideal for those with sensitive eyes. Simply apply Zoria Boost on the lash line before bedtime to nurture, strengthen and condition eyelashes. Zoria Boost will be marketed to and distributed by eye-care professionals without a prescription. Also available in the Zoria Cosmetics line is Zoria Mascara, a flake-free, hypoallergenic formula for sensitive eyes as well as Zoria Make-up Remover and Facial-Skin Cleanser. For information, call 1 (800) 233-5469 or visit

Publication Offers Insider’s Look at Ophthalmic Pioneers
Today’s ophthalmologists are more adept at saving sight than ever before. Eye surgeons of the past would marvel at the ability to remove cataracts in minutes, perform LASIK surgery, and implant retinal microchips that return sight to the blind. And yet, how well do ophthalmologists remember the innovators who preceded them? The very doctors whose inventions enable them to save sight each day?

Saving Sight: An Eye Surgeon’s Look at Life Behind the Mask and the Heroes Who Changed the Way We See, is a newly released book by Andrew Lam, MD, that profiles ophthalmology’s heroes: men like Ridley, Kelman, Schepens, Patz and others. “Their stories contain all the elements of a blockbuster Hollywood movie: courage; adversity; serendipity; and perseverance,” says Dr. Lam. “I was surprised by how few people knew their stories, and thought that everyone should.”

In Saving Sight, Lam blends his memoir of surgical training at Wills Eye Hospital with the stories of ophthalmology’s greatest inventors. Published by Irie Books for a general audience, the author’s gritty look inside the operating room reveals the stress of performing cataract surgery for the first time, the fear of failing to extract a retina-embedded foreign body, the joy of performing LASIK, the frustration of failing to re-attach a retinal detachment, and the complexities of treating ROP.

Past AAO President, William Tasman, MD, writes: “In Saving Sight, Dr. Lam has beautifully captured the atom-smashing accomplishments of men who transformed the world of vision. This book is a real page-turner!” Two-time Pulitzer Prize winner Richard Wilbur writes: “Dr. Andrew Lam, a distinguished retinal surgeon, has written a wonderfully readable book about the heroic lives of the great inventors in his field. The layman will be carried away by Dr. Lam’s clear, colloquial story-telling, and he will also gain, as I did, a far clearer knowledge of the human eye.”

Dr. Lam is a retinal surgeon with a history degree from Yale and is currently an assistant professor at Tufts University School of Medicine. Saving Sight is available at, or ($12.95).

Hydrating Compress for Dry Eye, MGD, Blepharitis and Chalazions

The Bruder Eye Hydrating Compress, featuring MediBeads is a microwavable moist-heat compress that does not require hydrating and rejuvenates itself naturally. Twenty to 30 seconds in the microwave will give 10 minutes of good moist heat for the eyes, and the user can apply the compress over and over again for years, the company says. It is the only microwavable eye compress that can be totally submerged in water, washed with a mild soap, air-dried and continue using. Stye Compresses are available to cover one eye only.

The compress is sold only through doctors’ offices, and is available immediately. To receive a free sample and learn more about the complete line of Bruder Ophthalmic products, including Bruder Ophthalmic Surgical instruments, call 1 (888) 827-8337, ext. 218, visit or e-mail eyes@bruderophthalmic.comREVIEW