Ocular Surface

An increasing number of research is revealing that preservatives in many glaucoma therapies may be damaging the ocular surface. Physicians can no longer afford to address intraocular pressure and not pay attention to its impact on the ocular surface. The following educational content is designed to provide real-world experience from doctors and patients on managing glaucoma while considering the health of the ocular surface.

A roundtable discussion was held with several glaucoma specialists to discuss the impact of preservatives to the ocular surface of glaucomatous patients. Click to read supplement

This short film documents a powerful story about the anxieties and fears patients experience when they suffer from both glaucoma and ocular surface disease (OSD). Doctors share their challenges and perspectives when treating these types of patients.

Patient Experience

Four diverse patients share their gripping and personal accounts of OSD.

Treatment Challenges

Ophthalmologists discuss their challenges treating patients with both glaucoma and OSD.

Preservative Free

Choosing when to prescribe preservative free drops is a process that takes into account patient history and quality of life.

Surgical Outcomes

OSD can affect surgical outcomes and patient expectations.

Their Message to Physicians

When asked, patients share what they’d like to say to physicians about their eyes.