Jul 2007

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Bottom Line

Seven Steps to Building an E-mail List

Website visitors are the prime candidates for inclusion in your e-mail marketing efforts.

Technology Update

Lights, Camera—Surgery

The latest tools for making high-quality video in your office and operating room.

Retinal Insider

Speed and Resolution Improve in Newest OCT

High-speed, spectral/Fourier domain OCT brings better imaging and the potential for more sensitive diagnosis.

Plastic Pointers

Globe Subluxation: Review and Management

This rare orbital complicaton may produce anxiety for both patient and clinician.

Glaucoma Management

Anterior Segment OCT and Angle Closure

AS-OCT appears to have great potential as a tool for identifying patients at risk.

Therapeutic Topics

What We Learned at ARVO: 2007

A look at the therapies that either debuted or continued to be tested at this year’s ARVO meeting.

Refractive Surgery

Treating Epithelial Ingrowth after LASIK

A look at the causes, preventive steps and treatment strategies for this rare but nettlesome complication of LASIK surgery.

Refractive Surgeons Get Conservative

The looming threat of ectasia is keeping surgeons interested in thin LASIK flaps and surface procedures with mitomycin-C.

The Light-Adjustable Lens Goes Multifocal

Could it be possible to adjust a patient’s vision so he can read and see in the distance postop?

Product News

Research Review

Wills Eye Resident Case Series

Wills Eye Resident Case Series

Was vitreous separation the cause of lost vision in this patient?