Topcon Medical Systems says the BV-1000 Patient-assisted Refraction System allows the physician to delegate the re-fractive process to the best candidate for the job: the pa-tient. Using the standard or custom selected sequences, the BV-1000 guides the patient through the entire refraction process with a series of voice prompts and in-teractive touch-screen displays.
The compact BV System can fit easily into any exam room. It includes an objective simultaneous binocular auto refractor, auto keratometry, an automatic chart projector, a patient-driven vision tester, and a sophisticated and in-telligent software system with voice interaction and "coaching" features. The system also features electronic documentation and display of all of the necessary refraction data, including a fully documented 8 1/2 x 11-inch prescription printout that prevents transcription errors and allows the doctor to conveniently retain it for automated record keeping or data export. Call 1-800-223-1130 or visit

Iridex Medical 25-ga. EndoProbe
Iridex says its lightweight 25-ga. EndoProbe device is compatible with the latest 25-ga. vitrectomy instruments for endo-photocoagulation procedures. The 25-ga. EndoProbe can be used with IRIS Medical OcuLight green or infrared laser photocoagulators as well as many competitor photocoagulator systems that use a universal SMA connector. Probes feature an ergonomic and comfortable handpiece, flexible 3-m fiber-op-tic cable for convenience, and a low-cone ang-le for consistent tissue uptake and low divergence, allowing a greater working distance and more reproducible endpoints. Visit their website:

3-watt Diode Laser
Quantel Medical introduces the Iridis 3-watt diode laser to the U.S. market. This solid-state, portable (11 lbs.), laser features a wide range of adapters and probes for many procedures where depth of penetration and lack of absorption in hemoglobin are required. The user may increase or de-crease power for the laser through the footswitch for hands-free control. Call 1-888-660-6726 or visit their website:

Trapezoidal Diamond Knife
Katena introduces a diamond knife (K2-6660) designed by Jorge Alio, MD, of Alicante, Spain. The diamond blade features a laser-etched line at the 1.25-mm shoulder that serves as a landmark when entering the anterior chamber. Its purpose is to make a trapezoidal incision 1.25-mm wide at the internal margin and 1.4-mm wide at the external margin. Katena says these precise dimensions allow the surgeon to use micro-incision cat-aract surgery instruments while maintaining a closed environment and without stretching the incision. Call (973) 989-1600 or visit their website: