To the Editor:

I read Dr. George Spaeth's letter in the January 2009 issue [Experience Is No Guarantee] (p. 14). My only comment is that his disingenuous comments about politics, economy and world conflicts prove his own point that, "physicians should not be in positions of responsibility."


Douglas Carlson, MD

Stillwater, Minn.

To the Editor:

I certainly hope Dr. Spaeth feels better after his tirade decrying the ignorance of those who voted Republican in the 2008 presidential election. To borrow a now-familiar phrase, you won, so get over it. In characterizing physicians as unfit to hold positions of responsibility, I assume he meant everyone but himself. It would appear he enjoys his position overly much.

In an adult conversation, one might debate the logic of citing lack of experience as a positive indicator of presidential success utilizing selected past presidents as proof. One might also rebut Dr. Spaeth's assessment of the source of economic woes with examples from the other party who brought us the Community Re-investment Act, passed laws allowing investment firms to gamble in the mortgage industry, and who looked the other way while Fannie and Freddie sputtered towards destruction. Perhaps the barrage of public negative statements made by Pelosi and Reid may have something to do with our low reputation around the world.

In contrast to Dr. Spaeth's admonishment, I would suggest that as educated people we do everything we can to promote civil debate and logical thought on issues vital to our country, our families and future generations.

Sincerely yours,

Jane Lindell Hughes, MD

San Antonio