Accutome has introduced the new Donnenfeld LRI Diamond Knife. Developed by Eric D. Donnenfeld, MD, the pre-set diamond knife is specifically designed to improve the technique of limbal relaxing incisions at the slit lamp.

The Donnenfeld LRI Diamond Knife features the new titanium "shortie" handle design, which improves the surgeon's control at the slit lamp, the company says. The knife also contains a new, improved winged footplate angled at 15 degrees, which provides better stability, visualization and reduced epithelium drag while making the incision.

The knife, which can also be used in the operating room, can be purchased as part of the Donnenfeld Limbal Relaxing Incision Kit, which also contains the Donnenfeld Nomogram and the Dell LRI Marker. Accutome offers care and handling training for each diamond knife purchased. Call 1 (800) 979-2020 or visit


Better Haptics Maneuvers

Rhein's Roholt Haptic Adjuster, developed in coordination with Philip C. Roholt, MD, (product #8-13228) is designed to adjust the haptic curvature of a three-piece intraocular lens, changing its overall length for improved centration. Rhein says the instrument is ideal for aspheric optic and multifocal lenses where an asymmetric capsular bag causes mild decentration. The overall length of the lens can be increased or decreased approximately 0.5 mm, depending upon where the haptics are adjusted.

The unique micro-tip dimensions provide easy manipulation within the anterior chamber, with a sliding shaft to reduce IOL movement during the procedure. The adjuster is reusable, autoclaveable, made in the United States, offered for a 30-day surgical evaluation without obligation and available with a complimentary instructional DVD. Call (813) 885-5050 for more information.


Vistakon Contact Lens Combines SH
Material and Astigmatism Management

Vistakon announced plans to introduce Acuvue Oasys Contact Lenses for Astigmatism. Acuvue Oasys for Astigmatism combines the Accelerated Stabilization Design technology of Acuvue Advance lenses for astigmatism, with senofilcon A, the new generation silicone hydrogel material of Acuvue Oasys contact lenses. The lens also features Hydraclear Plus, the improved formulation of the Hydraclear technology that combines high-performance base materials with a moisture-rich wetting agent. Call 1(800) 843-2020 or visit