E-Rx is a new feature of Compulink Advantage Software that enables eye-care prescribers to submit prescriptions electronically to pharmacies, ensuring legible scripts and reducing errors when prescriptions are filled. Users are finding that the process is more efficient, and they earn a 2-percent bonus from Medicare for electronic prescribing.

For current Compulink users, no dedicated hardware or software is required beyond a high-speed connection (including wireless, access from multiple offices, home, on-call).

Features of Compulink E-Rx include: complete prescribing record accessible from anywhere; display of allergies and medications; electronic prescription delivery; electronic renewal processing and electronic faxing; patient coupons encourage compliance; allergy, drug and pregnancy interaction review; patient hand-outs in 18 languages; 4500+ managed care formularies, including Medicare Part D and Medicaid; and managed care interface. For information, visit compulink-software.com.


Gulden Scope Provides Patients with View of Floaters, Cataracts
Gulden's EyeView Visualizing Scope helps patients better understand the interior of their eyes. The device creates a minute pinpoint of light; holding it up to the eye creates silhouettes on the retina of floaters, including bits of cells, protein strands, specks, granulated filaments, and other materials primarily in the vitreous humor, but some users can also see corneal and aqueous humor matter and even tears evaporating.

The scope can also be used to monitor cleanliness of contact lenses since debris missed in cleaning can't often be seen. The device is an educational tool that helps increase patients' knowledge about their eyes. Instructions accompanying the device state that if a patient sees dramatic changes or any problem eye pattern, a visit to an eye professional is indicated.

The small, handheld device is 3-5/8 inches long and 1 inch in diameter. The booklet accompanying the EyeView shows images of typical normal and abnormal views that might be observed. Contact Gulden Ophthalmics at (215) 884-8105, http://info@guldenophthalmics.com, or visit guldenophthalmics.com.


SynergEyes Launches a New Website for Keratoconus Patients

SynergEyes, developer of the first FDA-cleared hybrid contact lens designed for patients with keratoconus, has launched a new educational website, SharingOneVision.com.

The site enables patients to learn about keratoconus, read detailed information on the SynergEyes KC hybrid contact lenses and view stories from other keratoconus patients who have been successfully treated with hybrid contact lenses. Patients can find certified practitioners that fit SynergEyes lenses with a doctor locator search tool. In addition, keratoconus patients can watch educational videos on how to properly insert, remove and clean hybrid contact lenses.

SynergEyes says its KC contact lens utilizes revolutionary hybrid technology to offer the crisp, clear vision of a rigid gas permeable contact lens with the all-day comfort and convenience of a soft lens. The result is a custom-designed "hybrid" lens that gives keratoconus patients consistent, healthy vision they can count on to live a productive life. Other SynergEyes lenses include: SynergEyes A for naturally occurring ametropia, for patients with astigmatism, current RGP lens wearers and patients demanding optimized vision; SynergEyes Multifocal for presbyopia; and SynergEyes PS for patients with post-surgery or post-trauma refractive errors.