CooperVision recently announced the addition of plus powers to its line of MyDay toric daily disposable contact lenses. These extended parameters, available April 2, include the range from +0.5 D to +6 D in 0.5-D steps. 

First introduced in January, CooperVision’s MyDay toric lenses are new premium silicone hydrogel one-day lenses that combine the advantages of silicone hydrogel, uncompromised comfort and handling, lens stability and visual acuity, CooperVision says.

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Quantel’s Ultrasound Approved

In early March, Quantel Medical announced that it received FDA approval for its next-generation


Compact Touch ophthalmic ultrasound platform. Launched originally in 2008, the Compact Touch line offers high-quality images, intuitive software, compact design and versatility, Quantel says. 

The company adds that the latest generation of Compact Touch includes a 15-MHz probe to increase the quality of its B-scan imaging essential to vitreoretinal specialists. The device comes equipped with DICOM compatibility, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, as well as an HDMI video output. It also features a touch-screen interface, while also being fanless and silent, minimizing distractions. Quantel says these new software enhancements improve workflow. 

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Metrovision’s MonCvONE Full-field Perimeters

In mid-March, French company Metrovision announced its entry into the U.S. market with its MonCvONE line of full-field perimeters. The company says that the MonCvONE has a number of features that other perimeters may n


ot, such as: computer-assisted Goldmann perimetry; the ability to measure at photopic, mesopic and scotopic levels; pupillometry; dark adaptometry; infant perimetry; and binocular-synchronized video imaging. 

Metrovision says its perimeters are useful for glaucoma, retina, neuro-ophthalmic and pediatric specialists. The new product line includes the MonCvONE SAP and MonCvONE PRO for clinical practices. All three perimeters come with a two-year warranty. 

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