CenterVue announced Food and Drug Administration clearance for its Eidon true-color confocal scanner. The company calls Eidon the first fully automated retinal imaging system available in the global eye-care market that combines the advantages of confocal scanning with true-color imaging capabilities.

White-light, confocal imaging technology facilitates diagnosis and management of retinal disease, while the combination of confocal imaging and white light illumination provides greater contrast and superior image quality over a traditional fundus camera, says CenterVue. Further, the retinal appearance with Eidon’s white-light source mirrors that seen during white-light, direct observational techniques. Eidon’s optics allow imaging of the central retina as well as the periphery, over a viewing angle of up to 110 degrees. Multiple imaging modalities—true-color, red-free and infrared—provide information concerning different layers of the retina.

Eidon streamlines image acquisition and ensures minimum operator involvement by automatically aligning the patient’s pupil, focusing on the retina and capturing images using a soft light source. The device can be used automatically or manually, with or without pupil dilation. It is operated via a dedicated software application as a standalone unit by means of a high-resolution, multi-touch tablet. For information, visit

Sterimedix: New Transzonular Injection Cannula
Sterimedix has introduced a new cannula for transzonular injections. Designed in conjunction with Jeffrey T. Liegner, MD, the cannula is designed for the intraoperative injection of steroid-antibiotic combinations at the end of a standard cataract procedure, which may replace the traditional patient-administered prophylaxis of antibiotic eye drops.

Available in 27 ga., the new cannula is angled with a 2-mm distal segment to facilitate safe and easy injection of the drug with minimal risk to the zonules and offers an easy approach to the delivery of medications to the desired site.
The cannula is supplied packed and sterile, in boxes of 10 pieces. Product code M2280.

Sterimedix manufactures a complete range of single-use products for ophthalmic surgery. For more information, visit

Catalys Laser Goes Mobile
ForTec Medical recently
collaborated with Abbott’s vision-care business to mobilize the Catalys Precision Laser System for the convenience of bringing this precision cataract procedure directly to ophthalmology practices across the United States.

ForTec notes the benefits of adopting Catalys Laser System in a mobile platform: “If your cataract surgical volume does not support the capital outlay, you can still leverage the finest laser cataract technology to meet your schedule. And if you do have higher surgical volumes and want to prove the value of the system prior to a purchase, you can leverage the mobile option while you ramp up your patient adoption.”

ForTec Medical provides trained and credentialed technicians who expertly assist all scheduled procedures. For information, call 1 (800) 963-7101, or visit mobile or fortecmedical.comREVIEW