Bausch + Lomb has launched new Soothe Xtra Hydration lubricant eye drops. Building on the success of the Soothe XP Xtra Protection formula, new Soothe Xtra Hydration provides a comprehensive over-the-counter portfolio for patients with dry eyes, B+L says.

The Soothe portfolio is now aligned with the most recent international Dry Eye Workshop sponsored by the Tear Film & Ocular Surface Society. DEWS created a new definition of dry eye and helped develop two major classifications of dry eye—aqueous-deficient dry eye and evaporative dry eye.

New Soothe Xtra Hydration, for aqueous-deficient dry eye therapy, moisturizes and restores the deficient aqueous and mucin layers of the tear film to provide lasting hydration and comfort, the maker says. It became available at major retailers in May.

Soothe XP Xtra Protection, for evaporative dry-eye therapy, re-establishes the lipid layer of the tear film to provide up to eight hours of relief. The product is widely available at major retailers. For information, visit

Haag-Streit Introduces the First LED Slit Lamp: The BQ 900

Haag-Streit U.S.A. introduces the BQ 900, the first LED-powered slit lamp. LED illumination delivers improved anterior and posterior viewing compared to other light sources, with the brightest slit for more details, according to the company. The new slit lamp was approved by the Food and Drug Administration in February 2010.

Haag-Streit says the BQ900 will improve patient comfort and as a result, possibly patient flow, because its LED light source produces much less of the thermal radiation that dries eyes. It's safer too, because LED bulbs emit less harmful infrared and ultraviolet radiation than other light sources.

The company calls the BQ 900 its sharpest, most evenly illuminating slit lamp to date. LED light is more homogeneous and provides clearer viewing than traditional, tungsten bulbs. It doesn't yellow as the bulb ages, and the light quality isn't affected by power surges like tungsten bulbs are. Beyond the improved visibility, the LED bulbs have another major advantage: They last a lifetime.

The BQ 900 is imaging-ready and provides ergonomic controls, with one control for the slit and background lighting. The controls are integrated on the table. No extra cabling is required. To reduce energy use, an integrated motion sensor brings the slit lamp to standby if it's not moved for more than 90 seconds.

The BQ 900 is exclusively available through authorized Haag-Streit dealers. For more information, visit


New Website for Ocusoft

OCuSOFT, a broad-based supplier of ophthalmic pharmaceutical products and supplies,  has launched its newly redesigned website at

The new website includes resources for both doctors and patients, whether searching for OCuSOFT products, quality ophthalmic supplies or simply information on ocular surface conditions. With a user-friendly interface, improved navigation, simple search options and a secure online shopping cart, the revamped website is ideal for quick and easy ordering, according to the company.


Iridex Begins Shipping New IQ 532 Laser

Iridex Corp. has begun commercial shipment of the IQ 532 laser systems. The IQ 532 is a high-power, 532-nm, dual-port multipurpose laser system for use by ophthalmologists to treat sight-threatening eye diseases such as diabetic retinopathy, age-related macular degeneration and glaucoma; and for use by otolaryngologists to correct certain types of conductive hearing loss.

As with the IQ 577, the IQ 532 features dual-port laser output as well as a graphic, touchscreen interface. Dual port connectivity provides the physician with added convenience and efficiency by permitting the exchange of multiple delivery devices with one-touch speed and simplicity.  Setup and use of the IQ 532 system for surgery is quick, easy and intuitive, thanks to its superior ergonomics and user interface, says the company.
For information, visit

New Gulden Locking Tweezers

Gulden Ophthalmics says itsnew 4-inch curved locking precision tweezers feature smooth jaws, but with built in slots for punctum and collagen plugs. The front 0.2-mm slots in the jaws are ideal for holding punctum plugs and the rear 0.3-mm slots are ideal for holding collagen plugs. The jaws firmly hold Castroviejo needles without scoring or damaging them in the process. They are also ideal for precisely removing foreign bodies and for other procedures. Visit